The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce is hosting a series of facilitated online discussions in November to explore issues that are important to Delaware County business owners and managers. During the three sessions, focused on workforce, advocacy, and business growth, participants will be encouraged to share challenges and opportunities, explore ways to better connect our businesses and communities, and help set priorities for business growth.
The Nov. 8 session will focus on workforce. The biggest challenge most business owners and managers currently have is finding qualified staff. With a shrinking pool of available workers, that task will likely become even more difficult. During this session, members will explore ways the Chamber may better connect business owners to local schools, collaborate with human service organizations to expand the pool of workers, and help residents overcome the barriers toward employment. Discussion will also center on workplace well-being issues including stress, employee mental health, and employee substance abuse.
The focus will turn to advocacy on Nov. 9. As the voice of the business community, the Chamber advocates for the interests of business owners in Delaware County. Discussion will include federal, state, and local public policies that both support and hinder business growth as well as community well-being.
The series ends on Nov. 14 with a conversation about business growth and what business owners need in order to grow. Staff training needs, access to capital and lending, referral networking, business planning, and other topics that may be obstacles to growing a business in Delaware County will be discussed.
All sessions will be held from 5 – 6 p.m. using Zoom link: Advance registration at is not required, but is strongly recommended.