With cases of COVID-19 increasing in several communities across Upstate New York, our businesses, particularly retail and restaurants, are being threatened with new government-mandated restrictions. While we may have no control over the latest dictates from the Governor’s office, each business owner can influence consumer confidence that our stores, restaurants, and offices are safe and welcoming places. Earlier this year, consumer confidence reached a nine-year low. More recently, the McKinsey & Company Consumer Pulse Survey found that one-third of U.S. consumers have returned to “normal” out-of-home activity, while 80% report still feeling somewhat unsafe. The survey also noted that 84% of U.S. households plan to maintain or reduce their holiday spending. The good news, though, is that more than half of consumers plan to shop at different retailers than last year, with concern for safety being the most important reason driving this change.What, then, can you do to bring new consumers to your front door, while keeping your core of returning shoppers? Here are a few simple and inexpensive actions you can take to ensure that your customers feel safe and comfortable doing business with you.

  • Promote safe social distancing practices
  • Tell Your Story
  • Offer contactless checkout
  • Acknowledge the struggle
  • Emphasize safety

Consumer confidence is more than an economic indicator toward recovery – it is a state of mind. As we remind our neighbors to shop local, we can focus on their desire to shop safe. We can help restore their faith by taking actions to support them during this anxiety-filled time, build consumer confidence, and reignite our local economy.#StrongerTogether