A report studying public transportation options for Delaware County is available for public review and comment, according to the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber, working with representatives from large private employers, county government, healthcare, human service agencies, regional transportation providers, NYS transportation officials, and national transportation experts, initiated a broad-based effort to assess transportation needs and opportunities in Delaware County in 2021.

In the report, the steering committee presents extensive demographic information, defines transportation options to consider, and summarizes the results of a survey that included nearly 500 responses. The group notes that nearly 85% of the costs associated with public transportation may be covered by federal and state government sources.

Chamber President Ray Pucci noted that, for many county residents, transportation is a significant barrier to employment. He added that many families have access to only one vehicle, making it difficult for both spouses to find employment.

The full Public Transportation Study report is available for review and comment under the “Resources” tab at the Chamber’s website at DelawareCounty.org.