The success of your business is something we take very seriously. Every single day, we work to ensure a solid return on your membership investment. As you review the pages in this section, you will notice the many ways in which Delaware County Chamber of Commerce membership works for you and your business. While some of the initiatives are carried out with or without your participation, many of the Chamber’s benefits come from you being an active and engaged member.

Membership doesn’t just benefit you—it benefits your employees and your community. The Chamber focuses on real issues and problems in our neighborhoods and we’re part of the team that makes Delaware County a better place. As the community champion and advocate for business, the Chamber leverages the talent and resources of our member businesses to improve economic opportunities for all.

We encourage you to be involved in our committees, attend events, and call on the Chamber staff to make the most of your membership. A return on your membership investment is at the forefront of all we do. We look forward to working with you to create experiences that lead to your personal, professional, and community success.

As a member, you are helping to…
· Strengthen our local economy
· Promote the community
· Increase local business activity and support
· Represent the interests of business to government

As YOUR Chamber of Commerce, we work to…
· Bring you more business
· Create better connections
· Make you more visible
· Develop community leaders

We help create a stronger economy
Through our programs and events, the Chamber is working to make our local economy stronger and to provide you with opportunities to help you grow your business every day.

We promote Delaware County
Through our tourism promotion program, information centers, and business referral efforts, the Chamber is a reflection of Delaware County and is a trusted resource for visitors, residents, and businesses.

We represent the interests of business
There is no more important function for the Chamber than to be the voice of the business community. We are the only broad-based business organization that actively represents the business interests of Delaware County to county government, to Albany, to Washington, and to anyone seeking the advice and participation of local businesses.

We develop community leaders
The Chamber is proactive in developing leaders in our community through volunteer opportunities on our committees and partnerships with other community organizations. Our Leadership Delaware program highlights our assets, profiles economic segments, and teaches practical leadership skills to a new generation of civic leaders.