Six Delaware County municipalities – the villages of Delhi, Walton, Sidney, Hancock, the town of Colchester and Delaware County – are required to develop and adopt a plan that reviews their police departments to ensure that they are meeting the needs of the community they serve, in accordance with an executive order issued by Governor Andrew Cuomo earlier this year. Many of the municipalities have circulated surveys to poll community members about their level of interaction and satisfaction with their police departments.
Earlier this week, the Chamber received a request from one of the municipalities to obtain input and feedback on policing from the business community.
Please complete surveys for each police department, as you see fit, by clicking on the links or contact information provided below. Please note that deadlines for completing surveys expire in the upcoming week.
Sidney Police Department
Walton Police Department
Delaware County Sheriff’s Department
Delhi Police Department * closed submissions Jan. 15, 2021
Colchester Police Department *contact Committee member Dayette Zampoline via phone at 607.363.7808 or email at
Hancock Police Department *contact Village Hall, Mayor Carolann McGrath at 607.637.8172.