The Chamber collaborates with regional agencies to deliver resources and strategies to support your business by strengthening your workforce.

Partnering with LEAF Council on Alcoholism and Addictions, Southern Tier 8 Regional Planning Board, Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems (OWLS), ADAC of Delaware County, as well as other groups, and through a grant by the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Chamber offers a specialized workplace wellness training program designed to support a healthy work culture and increase the overall wellbeing of those in your workforce.

A recent study revealed that the average cost of lost time and productivity associated with mental health-related exposures to each company in New York’s Southern Tier region that employ 100 or less people is $23,000 in administrative time and over $113,000 in lost labor productively each year!

The Team Awareness NY effort can help improve workplace emotional climate and team culture.  This free program has been shown to increase employee help-seeking for and supervisor responsiveness to workers with issues such as stress, anxiety, burnout, fatigue, and substance misuse. It not only reduces the rate of problem substance use and common mental health struggles among employees, but also has been proven to improve the workplace’s emotional climate and team culture.

If you’re not sure which issues are the most pressing for your particular staff, ask our trainers. Our business needs assessment will help point us in the right direction.

For more information and to schedule a time to put this proven program to work for you, contact Debbie Chirico at ADAC through email at or by calling 607.746.8300.