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DelCo Does MORE is a network of young professionals and entrepreneurs across Delaware County in the Catskill Mountains of New York State.

DelCo Does MORE serves to enhance confidence, cultivate skills, and establish meaningful partnerships to foster a sense of community. 

Mentors can be invaluable guides for young professionals and entrepreneurs.  These trusted advisors offer mentees a safe space to share thier questions and concerns as they experience the growing pains of developing careers or businesses. Mentors possess the power to open doors and increase access.

Our group mentoring approach is designed to connect young professionals and entrepreneurs with some our region’s most innovative and successful leaders. Mentors are community leaders from varying and diverse fields and backgrounds.

Don’t try to navigate the twists and turns and ups and downs of your career or business alone.  Mentors are potential difference makers who can make your professional journey more fulfilling and engaging.

There is no better way to get to know your community around you than to get back to it.  Our outreach efforts not only improve the quality of life in Delaware County and the Catskill Mountains, but also helps us as individuals to feel connected to our larger community.  As young professionals and entrepreneurs, we believe we have a unique opportunity to help shape our region as a place in which we want to continue to live and work for our own generation as well as for those to come.  DelCo Does MORE members pay ahead by supporting local groups, causes, and businesses.

Relationship Building
We know that networking is important, not just to make new business contacts but also to make new social connections. While many believe that one of the best attributes of Delaware County is its rural nature, it can also make it difficult for young people to connect. Unlike living near a big city center, many young professionals work and live in physically distant locations, altogether unique to other residents. That’s why DelCo Does MORE feels it is important to bring together our community by regularly hosting social events.

For each of these gatherings, we partner with a different local business that will foster social interaction between members. We enjoy supporting local businesses, while providing a forum for young professionals to connect with those that they normally wouldn’t cross paths with where they live or work. In this way, our community fabric is strengthened beyond what normally would exist during the course of daily interactions. Whether you are a newcomer to the area or a lifelong resident, this can be an invaluable opportunity to make new connections with your fellow community members.

We are a forum for open dialogue, collaboration, and engagement around topics of interest to young professionals and entrepreneurs, including workforce diversification, career development, business skills, mentoring, and professional advancement. Participants can engage with one another on any number of topics and are encouraged to share their experiences, questions, and ideas.

Develop your leadership skills by helping plan MORE events and programs. You can take your new found leadership skills into your workplace. Share what you’ve learned with your managers, so they can see your leadership potential.

No matter what your profession, staying inspired to grow and innovate can be difficult when you are in an office 40 hours a week. Meeting with like-minded young professionals gives you the opportunity to trade ideas, solve problems and get inspiration that will only help your career.

MORE meets once a month at different locations throughout the county. Connect with us!

Our offerings include:

  • Speakers for workshops and panels.
  • Structured discussions on topics critical to young professionals and their families.
  • Networking and mentorship opportunities.

August 17 | 5:00 to 7:00 pm
Stamford Coffee, 79 Main Street, Stamford


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