Phyto Active Foods, headquartered in Walton, New York, has introduced low sodium, dried vegetables and fruits to the growing national nutri-foodie market. These extra-crunchy vegan snacks, featuring produce sourced from respected American farms, reflect increasing consumer interest in convenient, healthy single-ingredient foods.

Currently marketing dehydrated broccoli, grape tomatoes, red pepper strips, Brussels sprouts, beets and blueberries, Phyto Active Foods prides itself in offering delicious natural foods with no additives. Collaborating with Cornell University nutritionists, leading researchers and food processing scientists, the Delaware County company utilizes a vacuum-assisted microwave drying process that removes the water while it retains the food’s nutrients and flavor. These phyto-nutrient rich snacks are currently available through online ordering at:


Delaware County-based Scott Machine Development Corporation, with over 50 years of experience manufacturing signs and sign-making products, has introduced a new product in a new online store.

Scott micrograin carbide cutters are precisely sharpened to produce
clean-edged, swirl-free letters in all engraving plastics, for all the most popular machines. Just one Scott Omni-Grind™ universal cutter replaces three different standard cutters, leading to fewer cutter changes and less “cutter clutter” in your shop.

Try one! Purchase $50 or more of Scott engraving plastics and receive a free Omni-Grind cutter. Take it for a spin in your engraver, to sharpen your lettering and your profit.

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COVID-19 Compliance Signage for School or Business Available Locally at Scott Machine

Scott Machine Development Corporation, of Delaware County, provides innovative sign solutions with its latest introduction of washable, engraved coronavirus compliance signs.

The Walton, New York-based company offers all standard COVID-19 signs, ready to buy and install, via online store ordering. Ideal for businesses, schools and government offices, the signs serve as an essential part of pandemic protocol during these troubled times.

Featuring engraved letters set into tough 1/16” thick plastic, these engraved signs attach to any surface with double-sided tape and perform well indoors and out. Available in high contrast white & blue or red & white, the signs come in two different sizes, including 4 ¾” x 5 ¾” and 9 ½” x 11”.

Scott Machine provides friendly personal service for your signage program by phone, or use their newest online store:


A Delaware County company has introduced dried low-sodium vegetable and fruit snacks, replacing guilty pleasures with “healthy pleasures.” These new Phyto Active Foods products, including crunchy dehydrated broccoli, red bell pepper strips, grape tomatoes, beets, Brussels sprouts and blueberries, are sourced straight from American farms, with no additives.

Research shows that low-sodium diets may help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Developed at Phyto Active Foods’ Walton, New York facility, these vegetable and fruit snacks utilize a vacuum-assisted microwave drying process that removes the water and retains the food’s powerful nutrients, rich flavor and delightful crunch. A company spokesperson says the snacks were developed as a response to U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which recommends that everyone over the age of two limit salt intake to less than 2,300 mg/day. To order these low sodium treats, visit