Delaware County is READY FOR WORK

Our Delaware County Ready for Work initiative brings together education and training institutions, human services organizations, and private businesses to inspire and engage our young people, bring new opportunities for neighbors who are transitioning to more healthy lifestyles, and remove barriers to employment and satisfying careers with our local companies.

Business and Education Working Together To Retain Our Young With Rewarding Careers and Jobs


The DCMO BOCES Mentorship Program works with the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce and other regional business organizations to recruit and prepare mentors.

DCMO BOCES prepares students from 16 School Districts to engage in mentoring relationships to improve opportunities to explore local careers and jobs.

A Federal funding partnership with the Appalachian Regional Commission provides incentives for 12th grade students to complete a mentoring track that includes resume preparation, mentoring sessions and a workbased learning experience.

Local funding partnerships, including with the Community Foundation for South Central New York, expanded resources to support students needs and support the mentorship recruitment and preparation efforts.

Partnerships with regional employers will open doors for students who complete the Mentoring Program to apply for jobs or to complete internship and shadowing experiences.

Learn more about the mentoring process and take the next step to inspire a local high school student. 

Share Your Expertise with Local Students

We welcome you to contribute to local workforce development by sharing professional expertise, knowledge, and wisdom. Opportunities include:

Guest Speaker

Visit a classroom, talk to students about your career, and share what it takes to succeed. Time investment: one hour

Mock Interview

Participate in a Mock Interview event, interview multiple students, and provide feedback by answering common interview questions and resume improvement suggestions. Time investment: two to four hours

Advisory Board Partner

Many of our local schools have advisory boards to help review and evaluate their career and technical programs. Collaborate with education and industry representatives to assist faculty and administrators in curriculum design, community support, and mentoring. Time investment: eight hours per year

Company Tours

Host a group of high school or college students in your workplace as they learn about your career and business. Do a worksite tour, let them observe workflow, or demonstrate business processes. Time investment: two to three hours

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Job and Career Fairs at Local Schools

Your participation at job and career fairs held at local schools, BOCES centers, and colleges are not only terrific ways to find seasonal and part-time workers.  These opportunities allow you to engage directly with your future workers, elevate your position as an employer, and inspire the career paths of our current students.

Upcoming events include:

We’re Hiring Job and Career Fair
March 23, 2023
Northern Catskills Occupational Center
Grand Gorge, NY
9:30 am to 1:30 pm

Registration Information Here