The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce believes that healthy communities begin with prosperous businesses. By taking action in key areas–ADVOCATE, CONNECT, and GROW–we are the unified voice of business for the improvement of our communities.

The Chamber’s Priorities for Action is our strategic plan as approved by the Chamber’s Board of Directors. This compilation of action items is the result of interviews and online forums, member surveys, and conversations with regional partners and stakeholders. Our Priorities for Action is a “road map” that keeps Chamber directors and staff focused on the economic and community needs of our region that are consistent with the mission and guiding principles of the Chamber.


Effective advocacy is founded on accurate and substantiated information. We remain a locus for facts and primary resources on issues important to business owners.

  • Engage Elected Officials. We will maintain our strong personal relationships with federal and state officials.
  • Center for Reliable Information. Provide resources and contacts to members seeking assistance with municipal officials.
  • Unified Voice of Business. We continue to seek opportunities for input from businesses on public policy issues.


We bring measurable value to Chamber members through high-quality core services, business promotion and recognition, and networking events.

  • Member Services and Cost Saving Discounts. The Chamber offers many valuable benefits that may be extended to member employees, aiding in staff retention.
  • Chamber Ambassador Program. We will develop a group dedicated to welcoming new members, engage existing members, and make Chamber events more successful and enjoyable for everyone. Benefits of participation include meeting business and community leaders, chances to promote business and community growth, potential media coverage, as well as personal and professional recognition.
  • Networking and Recognition Events. The Chamber hosts dozens of events during the year, including monthly breakfasts, business award events, golf tournament, and evening receptions.
  • Encourage Young Professional Engagement. We will support the efforts of our Emerging Leaders program participants to host monthly gatherings that highlight education, mentoring, and social connections. 
  • Communicating Our Message. We will continue to promote Chamber positions, events, promotions, and work through print and digital newsletters, radio, television, and online programs, Facebook, Instagram,and YouTube channels, and websites.


We leverage the knowledge of members, regional government, education, business, and non-profit stakeholders to address critical county needs.

  • Public Transportation. The Chamber will continue partnering with human service agencies, healthcare, transportation providers, government agencies, transportation consultants, and others to recommend public transportation options in the county. 
  • Mentor Students. We will join our regional chamber colleagues and DCMO BOCES in an effort to match current high school seniors with mentors from local businesses.
  • Connect Employers and Schools. We will develop a strategy to strengthen business connections with local schools, including mentoring and shadowing experiences, advisory board participation, career day presentations, and promotion of Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Commencement Credential.
  • Overcome Barriers to Employment. Working with education, human service agencies, and other chambers, we will initiate a public conversation centered on removing barriers to employment for county residents. We will create resources for use by business owners and hiring managers on topics including Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Fair Chance Hiring, as well as Employee Mental Health and Well-Being. 
  • Leaderful Delaware Emerging Leaders Program. Preparing the next generation of civic leaders who can drive community change, our 2021-2022 program concludes in June.  We will ascertain whether there is sufficient interest for a new program to start in September.