Sales tax collections in Delaware County grew by 7% in 2016, according to a report recently released by the Office of the New York State Controller.  While statewide collections grew by 2.3%, Delaware County was among only six counties that saw increases of more than 4%.

Regionally, the Southern Tier grew by less than 1%, with Otsego, Broome, and Chenango seeing only minor increases.  Sales tax receipts increased by 7.5% in Sullivan County and by 3.5% in Ulster County.

According to Delaware County Chamber of Commerce president Ray Pucci, the increase in Delaware County is attributable to visitor spending.

“Through our tourism promotion efforts, more visitors are aware of what we have to offer and are coming to experience Delaware County for themselves.  With each visit, they are spending money and that translates to more tax receipts,” said Pucci.

Pucci noted that Delaware County budgeted for a decline in sales tax collections for 2016, due mainly to the lower cost of gas.  Absent any large construction projects or other factors that might create a spike in sales, he pointed to money resulting from visitor spending as the primary reason.

“It shows to me that our tourism promotion efforts are working,” Pucci added.  “Delaware County has what visitors want and we’ve done a great job presenting our story to the travelling public. We’re looking forward to an even better 2017.”