Delaware County municipal leaders will listen to your suggestions on ways in which they might be able to save money by sharing services or eliminating duplicated services at a public hearing on Wednesday, July 26 at 3 p.m. at the County Office Building, Main Street, Delhi.

Chamber staff will present your cost-saving initiatives to those who have been tasked with presenting ideas to the Governor’s office.Governor Andrew Cuomo has mandated that municipalities – towns, villages and counties – come up with ways to share services to save taxpayer dollars, to help offset costs to residents and business owners who have chosen to remain in New York, despite its shrinking population.As a business owner, the Chamber knows how diligent you are about cost effective practices, budgeting and implementing cost savings solution to help your business thrive.So, we want to hear YOUR ideas about how local municipalities might be able to share services or eliminate those overlapping services at each level of government. Where and how can municipalities tighten their purse strings and in turn, pass the savings onto you?Email us at  and tell us your ideas! Tell us how you see the problem and what a viable solution might be. We will speak on your behalf on July 26. We will also present your written comments to municipal leaders at the hearing.