Two Delaware County representatives – Delaware County Chamber of Commerce President Ray Pucci and Delaware County Economic Development Director Glenn Nealis – have been named to Representative Antonio Delgado’s (NY-19) 19thCongressional District Small Business Advisory Committee.

Each of the l1 counties in the district are represented, reflecting voices from county chambers of commerce, small business owners, consumers, and advocates for the small business community. The Advisory Committee will meet with Delgado regularly to advise him on the priorities of small businesses and legislation before the House regarding small business owners and the economy.

The district is home to more than 27,000 small businesses and self-employed business owners.

Ray Pucci, President, Delaware County Chamber of Commerce said, “Addressing the concerns of our small business owners is critical to supporting communities throughout the NY-19 district. I’m happy to collaborate with other business leaders and Representative Delgado to ensure that our voices are heard.”

Glenn Nealis, Director Delaware County Department of Economic Development said, “The Small Business Advisory Committee will provide a unique opportunity to elevate the issues and needs of our small business community to the federal level. Many times the challenges facing rural businesses can be drowned out by the more populous and urbanized areas of the state. This Committee provides equal standing for Delaware County to advocate for policies to improve the rural business climate.”

Earlier this year, Delgado announced his Health Care and Agricultural Advisory Committees. Additional small business community members will join the advisory committee throughout the year.