Recognizing the benefits from hunting to Delaware County and the Catskills region, a local chamber executive and his staff have agreed to help with an effort to educate the public about the incredible economic impact of hunting. Hunting Works for New York, a coalition of sixty businesses and organizations across the state, exists to promote the strong economic partnership between the hunting and the shooting communities and the local economy of the state of New York.
Ray Pucci, president of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce is one of only four co-chairs of Hunting Works for New York. Along with Lillian Browne, program manager for the Delaware County Chamber, Ray is also representing the Catskills Association for Tourism Services. On September 14th, the coalition was formally launched at a press conference at the Bass Pro Shops in Utica. In October the group held its first annual meeting and clay bird shoot at the Binghamton Gun Club. At the launch, Browne told the assembled crowd that an individual hunter spends an average of $2,000 per year on hunting. Hunters in New York spend $484 million per year on hunting related equipment alone.
“I can attest to some of those numbers with the money my own family spends on hunting and the
outdoors each year,” said Browne, who is a licensed guide in New York.
Pucci felt that hunting was such a key economic producer in the Catskills region, that he worked hard to get the Catskills Association for Tourism Services to join Hunting Works for New York. Noting that hunters spend $810 million per year on trip related expenditures alone, Pucci felt strongly that the Catskills needed a voice in this important effort.
Ray and his fellow Hunting Works for New York Co-chairs, also held an event in Chappaqua in December and conducted a media visitation tour in Schenectady, Syracuse, Middletown and more in November.
The group will continue to recruit additional partners and spread the word that hunting is vitally
important to jobs, salaries, tax base and conservation.

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