The Chamber has taken the lead to advocate for restoration of proposed cuts to Aid and Incentives for Municipal Funding (AIM) in the Governor’s 2019-20 draft budget on behalf of Delaware County villages, towns and businesses.

The Chamber has provided a draft resolution, created by elected officials in Masonville, to local municipalities for adoption, asking Governor Cuomo to consider the negative impacts of slashing critical funding.

Delaware County towns and villages stand to suffer the collective loss of nearly $339,000 in the 2019-20 tax year if the funding is cut. Many of those municipalities will be forced to exceed the state-mandated two-percent tax cap if the cuts are made, passing the burden onto Delaware County business owners and other taxpayers.

The Chamber urges its members, the business community and taxpayers to write to their local elected officials, state senate and assembly representatives and to Governor Andrew Cuomo asking that the funding be restored prior to passage of a new annual state budget.

Earlier this month, Chamber President Ray Pucci participated in a press conference with Senator Jen Metzger, who represents the towns of Colchester, Walton, Masonville, Delhi and Hamden in Delaware County, calling on the Governor’s office to reverse course on the proposal as “bad public policy.”